Thursday, December 28, 2006

Aerosmith at Mohegan Sun, 11/29/06

For a bunch of old guys, they get the job done and never fail to entertain. Tyler and Perry in particular are at the top of their game, singing and playing like kids half their age.

It was nice to see Tom Hamilton return for a bunch of songs. He looked a bit on the tired side and perhaps a little weak when he played with the rest of the band at the Tweeter Center in September, but he seemed so much better this time.

He first came out to play for a special version of "Back In The Saddle" which was being filmed for a NASCAR thing and then he came back out to play the last three songs, including "Sweet Emotion" and "Draw The Line", and the encore of "Walk This Way".

Speaking of "Back In The Saddle", the lyrics were altogether different for this NASCAR thing. Even though I could see enough of the TelePrompter, I still couldn't follow along with it because I had the real lyrics going through my head clashing with what Steven was singing. And I noticed that the TelePrompter was used a LOT less than I've seen it used in the past several years. In fact after that song, I only noticed it was on for just two or three more songs including their new song "Devil's Got A New Disguise" and "Livin' On The Edge". A stark contrast from many past tours when the Prompter was on almost the whole show. Maybe Steven's memory is getting better with age? Maybe I am the only person who pays attention to or cares about frivolous little things like this but they amuse me.

A couple of other little things that amused me were Joe Perry playing piano for a few bars during "Stop Messin' Around" and a verse of "Hangman Jury" thrown in before the beginning of "Seasons Of Whither" which surely must have pleased the person holding up a banner asking for that song.

The overall setlist of the past few tours has been leaning more towards older songs and this night was no exception despite having a few obligatory 90's hits to keep the kids happy.

Here are some pics from the show.

Oh yeah, and to make the night even better, I won $100 after the show. :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Game Plan

That's the name of a movie that should be out sometime in 2007. I worked on it one day last week at the football stadium in Foxboro.

The first scene I was in, The Rock walked right past me from behind, but I wasn't supposed to notice him so I couldn't turn to look. There were only 20 of us in that scene and that's probably the only part I was in that won't get cut - when my back is in the shot. Figures.

All of the other scenes I was in, I was in the first or second row in the stadium crowd, but those shots were all much bigger/wider/longer so even if they're not cut, I won't be seen. But whatever...I got paid anyway.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Old-Time Radio Players of Seabrook

This Wednesday I'll be in an episode of the old show "Suspense". Also showing is an episode of "My Favorite Husband".

Show times are at 3:30 and 6:30 in Seabrook.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Twisted Struff"

Rascal Helper apparently "found" this pic of me someplace...funny, but I don't remember posing for it...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I've been a fugitive from justice

While at a funeral yesterday I noticed that my front license plate was missing. Later on at home we found the license plate's bolts in the driveway where I was parked the night before. So it was obvious that someone had stolen my plate and it didn't just fall off by itself.

I called the local police and asked if it was anything to worry about and they told me to go downtown to file a police report. After filling out the report, the officer said I should go to the RMV for new license plates since my remaining plate was being invalidated.

I knew I would have to return the remaining plate so I took it off while in the parking lot of the RMV. I figured with my luck, I'd get a ticket while I was inside. Now in retrospect, I WISH it was something that simple!

So I went inside the RMV with the police report and my registration and remaining plate. Seemed like a simple enough task so far. That was until the woman behind the counter told me that she couldn't give me new license plates because I owed Excise Tax. Dumbfounded, I asked her to repeat herself. Several times. At one point I blurted out loudly, "I NEVER PAY EXCISE TAX". Which, realizing that could be a damaging statement, I quickly corrected to "I mean, it's a Lease vehicle and all taxes are paid for out of my monthly payment". But she printed something showing me that taxes haven't been paid for two years.

So I was in a pickle at that point. I couldn't just leave and put my old license plate back on because it wasn't any good anymore. But I couldn't get a new set of plates because of the unpaid taxes. We didn't know how much was overdue because the RMV's system doesn't say. But she suggested I pay the taxes for now and get reimbursed by the Leasing company later.

That sounded like a good plan so I went to the Tax Collector office. I had my checkbook out and ready to go. The Tax Collector handed me a paper with my overdue balance: $989! I about hit the floor. No way I was paying that.

I left, stunned and speechless, and went to the car dealer. Thankfully they love me there and the Sales Manager knows me by sight. He looked up my Lease Agreement and confirmed that I am indeed paying taxes in my monthly payment.

I went home and called the Leasing company. After arguing with a few people who were trying to point fingers at me, the RMV, and the Tax Collector, they finally conceded that they haven't been paying my taxes after all.

So this means that I have been driving my car illegally since 2005. If anything bad had happened, or even if I was stopped for something, I would have been screwed.

They said that if I had the Tax Collector send them a bill right away, they'll look into it and send payment if necessary. Thing is, how am I supposed to drive while all of this is going on?

I called the guy at the car dealership, who, out of the goodness of his heart and all of the business I've done with them for more than ten years, set me up with a rental car for the next few days. He didn't have to do that because it's not his fault at all but he felt badly.

It wasn't my fault the license plate was stolen but yet I'm still feeling like a bad guy anyway. I went out of my way to go to the Police Station and the RMV only to be told that *I* am a criminal!

So now we wait and see how long until payment gets processed and I can get back in my own vehicle.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hooters #71 and #72

My 71st Hooters - Hackensack, NJ:

My 72nd Hooters - Paramus, NJ:

You can read more about my other Hooters trips here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fractured ankle

Check out the's like half a baseball on the side of my foot -- and this was after icing it for a couple hours to get the swelling down enough to pull my sock off over it...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wayne Newton, Underdog, IHOP, and Mousetraps

Last week started off badly when I blew a hose in my JetSki after riding for only a few minutes. But it quickly turned around by Sunday afternoon.

When I got home from the river, my mom called to have me meet her and my cousins out for drinks. The place we went, Sal's, has a really nice deck along the river and it was a perfect day for something like that. After having a few cocktails we decided that we'd get tickets to a show that Wayne Newton would be playing there the following night there. I had heard him on the Opie & Anthony radio show a few days earlier and had been thinking about going to the show anyway. After all, he is a living legend and how many times in life does someone like him play practically in your backyard? I am glad that we did because it was truly one of the best shows you can ever expect to see. He kept the crowd excited and everyone knew every song. Read this review and this review and if you can deal with the crummy quality you can see a short video clip.

Thursday after work I went to Providence to be an extra for the upcoming Underdog movie. This particular scene will be used in the trailers for the movie but I was way in the back in a crowd scene of 75 people so I am not expecting to be seen at all. But it was still a fun thing to do (despite wearing long pants outside in 95 degree weather) and I am getting paid for it so that's not a bad thing.

Friday morning I went to WBCN for the Opie & Anthony radio show. I was supposed to meet some friends there much earlier than what I did but I was tired from the long day before so I slept longer than I should have. And then with my luck I got stuck behind a frigging garbage truck in Cambridge -- blocking all lanes while it emptied out a triple-decker. Assholes. But despite all that, I still caught up with them and a huge group of fans while they were walking to an IHOP where they bought everyone breakfast and broadcast live on WBCN and XM satellite radio. There are a couple of pics of me in the crowd here and here. And then after the festivities were done I got caught in a massive rainstorm while walking back to my car -- I got so soaked that I had to go out and buy some clothes so I could go to work.

Saturday I went to Hampton Beach to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood from the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway. This was my fifth time seeing them and they never disappoint. I especially like when they do a thing with mousetraps -- they are blindfolded and barefoot and walk around 100 mousetraps. Check out some video clips...

I still have to get my JetSki fixed.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bill Burr -- 7/14/06

A regular on the Opie & Anthony show and seen on the Chappelle Show, Letterman, and HBO.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Extreme reunion in Boston -- 6/30/06

I saw the old Boston band Extreme last night.

It was ok...JUST ok. They played for close to 2.5 hours and didn't finish until 11:30 but I was bored for about a total of an hour. For most of the show, literally every other song was something I didn't want to hear. I would have preferred more "fun" stuff from their first two albums rather than the slow-trudging filler material they had on their lesser popular later albums. And I don't think I was all alone with that feeling.

For example their song "Tragic Comic". I don't think many people wanted to hear that song 14 years ago -- which is around the time when a lot of us stopped buying their albums -- and last night it certainly appeared that the audience wasn't interested it in hearing it too much now because out of the whole crowd, I could count the number of people dancing/grooving/getting into it on my fingers. And quite a few people sat down during such songs. A stark contrast to songs like "Little Girls" from their first album, where everyone was up and dancing and singing along, but yet they only did this song as part of a medley of other stuff from that first album. HUGE mistake in my opinion. They should have done these older more beloved songs in their entirety and pulled the filler songs out of the setlist.

However this medley sort of salvaged the night because they did it towards the end so anyone who was feeling sleepy during those sit-down songs became wide awake and ready to rock.

For the encore, Paul Geary came out from behind the drums to tell us how as a kid he used to look at a poster that he had hanging on his wall, wishing and hoping that some day he'd be as sucessful as that band and that they were his "heroes" at which point Nuno ran up to the mic and said "they were MY heroes, too". This brought out three members of the orginal band Boston -- Brad Delp, Barry Goodreau, and Fran Sheehan. They played Boston's "Rock And Roll Band" and Led Zep's "Rock And Roll". I love Brad Delp -- one of the coolest guys I've ever met -- but he didn't sound so great for the first song; a little rusty and straining to hit those highs at first, but he pulled it out by the end and then he hit every high note in the Zep song, singing in an octave that Robert Plant can't get to anymore.

These songs were the only time that Nuno wasn't playing his ass off -- he relaxed a little to let Barry Goodreau show off. The rest of the night, Nuno kicked ass. He is a solid non-stop rhythm guitar player and a smokin' lead guitar player all at the same time. Not to mention that he is the only member of the band who still looks and acts like a rock star, but not in an egotitistcal way. I mean, he has long 1976-Joe-Perry-blond-patch hair and wears black and silver nail polish. The other guys, well, they look like they just came from their day-jobs and I wouldn't have recognized any of them if they walked past me on the street. I've seen pics of Pat with short hair before but I don't think I have even seen Paul completely clean-shaven...I did't even think it was him at first. And Gary...OMG...WTF happened to him?!?!?!?!?! He had more wrinkles than Mick Jagger and looked like someone gave him a black eye! Seriosuly! Like, maybe he walked into a mic...or maybe he got into a fist-fight with someone before the show...whatever it was, he looked REALLLLLLLLY bad!!

Mike Mangini came out and drummed for two songs. Gary and Pat and Nuno were trying to be funny by saying stuff like "Paul wants to take a break" and "Paul has to take a call from Sully" and "does anyone in the audience know how to play drums?". Kind of lame but when Mike did come out, I would say that he did a better job than Paul. He had more feeling and was more heavy and powerful. But, I can't drum for shit so who am I to talk.

Oh yeah, and Charlie Farren was the someone offered me a million bucks if I could pick him out of a crowd, there is no way I would be able longer the tall skinny guy I met way back in the day. His voice still sounds good however he was just doing the solo-acoustic thing which didn't seem to interest people too much. I would say there was no more than a few hundred people in the seating area for his set.

It filled up a lot more for Extreme but there were still lots of empty seats. In my row alone, I think there were 13 or 14 seats all together, but there was only seven of us in the entire row.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony -- 6/28/06

Went to the show last night in Gilford, NH. The night had the potential to suck for a lot of various reasons but the show itself was very good.

Especially the set-list. I've been seeing Sammy Hagar for like 20 years and this is the first time I can remember ever seeing him play his song from the movie Footloose. And he played a few songs from his early-80's "Standing Hampton" album that I haven't seen him do in years. He also did the Bob Dylan "everybody must get stoned" song and the song that Toby Keith wrote about the Cabo Wabo Cantina.

That was all the first half of the show with his band "The Waboritas". After a short intermission, the second half started out with Michael Anthony doing a bass solo {yawn} which turned into "Runnin' With The Devil" -- which surprised me a LOT, and then it was alllllll Van Halen from there, until the encore which was the Beastie Boys "fight for your right to parrrrrrty" song. In between, they did a lot of stuff from the Van Halen 5150 album -- stuff I haven't seen or heard live since VH did them on that tour.

I THINK Mikey may have had a drink or two too many during the first half of the show (when it was just Sammy and the Wabos playing). Funny.

So all in all, it was very cool and highly entertaining. Sammy works the crowd like NO ONE else in the biz -- he always autographs literally everything that anyone brings up or throws up to the stage, he high-five's or hugs everyone along the way, and walks through the audience of fans that are on the stage during the whole show.

I took a bunch of pics and I'll post them soon.

The O&A Motorcycle Run to Boston -- 6/21/06

About a hundred or so bikes started from NYC and wound up at Bill's Bar in Boston.

At Bill's Bar, I got to meet a few people who are heard on the show as well as some fellow fans from

Among these people were the infamous "Stalker Patti", the lovely "Cara from MySpace", and Ziggy from (the BEST place to get XM radios and accessories from).

Ziggy was buying drinks -- I didn't want to drink because I've been dieting and because I had to perform in a play that afternoon (which went VERY well; my best role ever!), but when he asked what I was drinking, I said "Diet Coke", he said "bullshit!" and took it away from me. So I had no choice. :D Thus by 1:30 in the afternoon, I was drunk-dialing my friends who usually get similar calls from me around 1:30 AM instead.

Here are a few of the pics. You can see the rest here and I have a small videoclip of the first batch of bikes arriving here.

"Stalker Patti"

"Cara from MySpace"

Monday, May 29, 2006

Montreal -- May, 2006

Just got back.

Lots of walking, shopping, eating $12 salads and drinking $4 bottles of water because I am trying to be healthy, and there may have been a stripper or two a few nights...

There was a visit to a big church one day, a trip to the Biodome, a trip to the casino, and an unexpected wrong turn onto the Montreal Grand Prix racetrack where we drove around the track a few times in shock and awe.

And of course a Hooters (my 70th!) in Vermont on the way home. :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Father Knows Best

I am playing the part of a kid who wants to get married to the oldest daughter.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Eagle-Tribune -- April 4, 2006

There has been a lot of violence in area nighclubs so I wrote this that appears in today's Eagle-Tribune:

Punish clubs that break the rules

I respectfully disagree with The Eagle-Tribune's opinion about closing all Lawrence bars and nightclubs early.

While it is obvious that violence is a problem and I certainly agree that something needs to be done, I do not feel that shutting down everything early is the solution. In fact it is quite unfair to the majority of bars and nightclubs that are consistently trouble-free and it effectively punishes the patrons of such establishments.

In the spirit of everyone being innocent until proven guilty, it makes much more sense to me to go with the preference of the Licensing Board and determine early closing times on a case-by-case basis for the so-called "problem" nightclubs.

If this can't be easily accomplished through their licensing and regulation, then it can be up to the discretion of police officers working inside of the bars and nightclubs — the officers should be able to shut down someplace early if and when they deem it to be unsafe or dangerous. I might even go so far as to say that some of these "problem" nightclubs may still be "problems" whether they close at 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. or 1 a.m., but the police on scene can make that determination as needed.

It may not be the best solution, but I do feel it is more practical than penalizing or punishing everyone in town for the bad actions of a few people at a few places. It is definitely much better than doing nothing at all.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

The little play I am in

Several newspapers did a story about the play I'll be in. This is from the Atlantic News...

Scroll down to the bottom page:

It's continued here (they get my town wrong; oh well):


This is a pic from play-day...all made up and ready for action...and wow, do I look like shit!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I thought I was going to watch myself crash like the people on JetBlue

I went to Orlando a few weeks ago to visit my mom, see the water-ski show at Cypress Gardens, and add a new Hooters to my list (I am up to my 69th different Hooters location now; you can read the background of my Hooters obsession here).

It was on Song Airlines (which will be absorbed by Delta soon) and it was a pretty fun flight because they have more than a thousand MP3s to listen to, games to play with other passengers (I made it to the #3 all-time high-score on a trivia game), and live satellite TV. And before the flight got off the ground, rather than the usual boring " the event of a water landing..." and "...this is how you put on the oxygen mask..." stuff, the Flight Attendants entertained us with a Christmas-like version that started out as " 'Twas Eight Days Before Christmas..." and had all of the safety instructions worked into the story. It took a long time but it was an amusing change of pace.

On the flight back home to Boston, I noticed that we seemed to be circling the area more than normal. I happened to look over at the people next to me who were watching CNN and I saw the caption that looked like "BOSTON PLANE TROUBLE" and it looked like an aerial shot of Logan Airport.

I thought, "Hmm...I'm on a plane, and I am going to Boston, and I thought we were circling anyway...uhhh...maybe I should put on the TV and watch the news". It felt like it took an eternity to change the channel. I was trying my best to remain calm but all I could think of were those people on the infamous JetBlue flight where they watched the news on TV for like three hours while their jet burned off fuel in preparation for an emergency landing.

Once I finally got the news on my TV I saw that it wasn't my flight that was in trouble this time (it was a flight from Milwaukee that ended up landing safely). But for those few minutes until I changed the channel, it wasn't a very good feeling.