Thursday, December 28, 2006

Aerosmith at Mohegan Sun, 11/29/06

For a bunch of old guys, they get the job done and never fail to entertain. Tyler and Perry in particular are at the top of their game, singing and playing like kids half their age.

It was nice to see Tom Hamilton return for a bunch of songs. He looked a bit on the tired side and perhaps a little weak when he played with the rest of the band at the Tweeter Center in September, but he seemed so much better this time.

He first came out to play for a special version of "Back In The Saddle" which was being filmed for a NASCAR thing and then he came back out to play the last three songs, including "Sweet Emotion" and "Draw The Line", and the encore of "Walk This Way".

Speaking of "Back In The Saddle", the lyrics were altogether different for this NASCAR thing. Even though I could see enough of the TelePrompter, I still couldn't follow along with it because I had the real lyrics going through my head clashing with what Steven was singing. And I noticed that the TelePrompter was used a LOT less than I've seen it used in the past several years. In fact after that song, I only noticed it was on for just two or three more songs including their new song "Devil's Got A New Disguise" and "Livin' On The Edge". A stark contrast from many past tours when the Prompter was on almost the whole show. Maybe Steven's memory is getting better with age? Maybe I am the only person who pays attention to or cares about frivolous little things like this but they amuse me.

A couple of other little things that amused me were Joe Perry playing piano for a few bars during "Stop Messin' Around" and a verse of "Hangman Jury" thrown in before the beginning of "Seasons Of Whither" which surely must have pleased the person holding up a banner asking for that song.

The overall setlist of the past few tours has been leaning more towards older songs and this night was no exception despite having a few obligatory 90's hits to keep the kids happy.

Here are some pics from the show.

Oh yeah, and to make the night even better, I won $100 after the show. :)

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Anonymous said...

that was a great show! i am glad i went