Sunday, January 11, 2009

Three more new Hooters this week (and a return to another)

Tuesday I went to three more Hooters locations that I had not been to yet, bringing my total up to 79 different locations all together.

My 77th Hooters was Hooters of Casselberry (near Orlando). The place looks like it's been there for a while but the food and the service were fine. I liked that they had a pool table and some arcade games and I especially liked the weekly contests that they do - Texas Hold 'Em on Mondays, Guitar Hero contests on Tuesdays, Wii game contests on Wednesdays, and "Are You Smarter Than A Hooters Girl?" on Thursdays (I REALLY wish I was there on a Thursday). I could have done without listening to Nickelback songs though, and found myself missing the typical oldies mix.

My 78th Hooters was Hooters of Waterford Lakes (near Orlando). I had a dessert there that we don't have around here: Fried Apple Caramel Bites (or something like that). The food and service were fine here, too.

I took a little break from Hooters and went to Universal Studios in Orlando to ride some rides. The Shrek and Mummy rides are among my favorites. It was late in the day and they closed early so I missed out on some of the new stuff, such as the new Simpsons ride that took the place of the Back To The Future ride.

My 79th Hooters was in Sanford, FL. They had a wonderful white sangria which went down way too easily and some mini chicken sandwiches similar in size to their Training Burgers (just like White Castle sliders). My mom was there and she told them that my birthday is in a few weeks so they made me get up on a chair and put paper cups in my mouth and plates in my hand and had me flap my arms.

And as if all that wasn't enough, Friday night I went back to my home-base Hooters in Saugus, MA.