Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The upcoming movie "21"

As I sit here writing this I am waiting for it to get dark so the movie shoot I am on can continue. I've been here seven hours (an hour away from overtime rate!) and I've worked about 90 minutes so far. The first 4.5 were really tough: snack-break followed by lunch. That was it. No work, just sit around and wait and eat (and get paid for it).

In the scene we did so far I walked past the main character over and over again. In the scene we are waiting to do I will be driving down the street in my truck. At least I will be warm and comfy.

Ooh, they just called me, gotta go...more later...

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Monday, April 02, 2007

I can't believe I went to Pink and Justin Timberlake...after drinking a .8 gallon beer

The show was amazing. Seriously. Pink was a definite crowd-pleaser and Justin worked hard for his money. He either strummed guitar or played organ or piano for about half the songs. For the other half he was non-stop dancing and working the crowd. I got tired just watching him.

His band was rocking: two guitar players, two drummers, two keyboard players, a shitload of hot dancers and singers. The guitars and drums gave many of the songs a harder edge. Like Sexy Back and Cry Me A River, they each had kind of crunchy guitar parts to make them kind of rock. I didn't even recognize a couple of songs at first.

Justin's set was over two hours (I think about 2:20-2:25) including about a 15 or 20 minute intermission while DJ/singer/producer-extraordinaire Timbaland did some stuff. The show didn't end until around 11:30 which is usually curfew-breaking and into O.T. for union stage crews around here.

All for only an $85 highest ticket price.

I am glad that I didn't see him last month in Boston because I would have been compelled to go see this show in Manchester, NH as well. It was that good.

I can't remember the last time I was hit on by so many girls. Not just the wise-asses saying things like "why are you at a concert like this? I bet you can't even name two of his songs" and the underaged "can you buy beer for me?" girls. I mean like real girls with no agenda. I was actually desirable for some reason. :D

Before the show Matty and I went to a tavern in Manchester and had this beer tower that is over 101 ounces!