Thursday, June 29, 2006

The O&A Motorcycle Run to Boston -- 6/21/06

About a hundred or so bikes started from NYC and wound up at Bill's Bar in Boston.

At Bill's Bar, I got to meet a few people who are heard on the show as well as some fellow fans from

Among these people were the infamous "Stalker Patti", the lovely "Cara from MySpace", and Ziggy from (the BEST place to get XM radios and accessories from).

Ziggy was buying drinks -- I didn't want to drink because I've been dieting and because I had to perform in a play that afternoon (which went VERY well; my best role ever!), but when he asked what I was drinking, I said "Diet Coke", he said "bullshit!" and took it away from me. So I had no choice. :D Thus by 1:30 in the afternoon, I was drunk-dialing my friends who usually get similar calls from me around 1:30 AM instead.

Here are a few of the pics. You can see the rest here and I have a small videoclip of the first batch of bikes arriving here.

"Stalker Patti"

"Cara from MySpace"

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