Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wayne Newton, Underdog, IHOP, and Mousetraps

Last week started off badly when I blew a hose in my JetSki after riding for only a few minutes. But it quickly turned around by Sunday afternoon.

When I got home from the river, my mom called to have me meet her and my cousins out for drinks. The place we went, Sal's, has a really nice deck along the river and it was a perfect day for something like that. After having a few cocktails we decided that we'd get tickets to a show that Wayne Newton would be playing there the following night there. I had heard him on the Opie & Anthony radio show a few days earlier and had been thinking about going to the show anyway. After all, he is a living legend and how many times in life does someone like him play practically in your backyard? I am glad that we did because it was truly one of the best shows you can ever expect to see. He kept the crowd excited and everyone knew every song. Read this review and this review and if you can deal with the crummy quality you can see a short video clip.

Thursday after work I went to Providence to be an extra for the upcoming Underdog movie. This particular scene will be used in the trailers for the movie but I was way in the back in a crowd scene of 75 people so I am not expecting to be seen at all. But it was still a fun thing to do (despite wearing long pants outside in 95 degree weather) and I am getting paid for it so that's not a bad thing.

Friday morning I went to WBCN for the Opie & Anthony radio show. I was supposed to meet some friends there much earlier than what I did but I was tired from the long day before so I slept longer than I should have. And then with my luck I got stuck behind a frigging garbage truck in Cambridge -- blocking all lanes while it emptied out a triple-decker. Assholes. But despite all that, I still caught up with them and a huge group of fans while they were walking to an IHOP where they bought everyone breakfast and broadcast live on WBCN and XM satellite radio. There are a couple of pics of me in the crowd here and here. And then after the festivities were done I got caught in a massive rainstorm while walking back to my car -- I got so soaked that I had to go out and buy some clothes so I could go to work.

Saturday I went to Hampton Beach to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood from the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway. This was my fifth time seeing them and they never disappoint. I especially like when they do a thing with mousetraps -- they are blindfolded and barefoot and walk around 100 mousetraps. Check out some video clips...

I still have to get my JetSki fixed.


struff said...

I almost forgot to mention that I shot some crappy-cellphone-video at the aforementioned IHOP
here and here.

struff said...

Sorry but that Mousetrap video will not play -- their management had it pulled from my youtube account.

struff said...

Here it is a month later and the jetski is still in the shope. Not that I would be able to use it right now anyway.

struff said...

It's now September 15 and I finally got the call that my JetSki is fixed. But the summer is gone. Figures.