Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Digix miniBOOM Bluetooth speaker.


Thick rubber, water resistant, suction cup, pocket size. Amazing sound! LOUD.

I use mine all over the house & yard. $10-20.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Solar Juice Solar Powered Charger/Solmate Universal Portable Solar Cell Phone Charger - Review


This item goes by two different names. I have tried both of them (because the store doesn't accept returns; they only do exchanges). Both of them worked exactly the same.

1) Takes way too long to charge. The pamphlet inside says that it takes 15-20 hours of sunlight to charge. Most of us don't get 20 hours of sunlight. It can be charged in about three hours by USB, but the point of this is that it is supposed to be solar powered.

2) The power output is barely a trickle. It doesn't work at all on my tablet. On my Android phone a full charge of this device lasts about 40 minutes and only gives me about 12-17%. After charging it in the sun for 20 hours.

There are many other external USB batteries that cost less money than this and have better power output and better charging capacity.