Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Game Plan

That's the name of a movie that should be out sometime in 2007. I worked on it one day last week at the football stadium in Foxboro.

The first scene I was in, The Rock walked right past me from behind, but I wasn't supposed to notice him so I couldn't turn to look. There were only 20 of us in that scene and that's probably the only part I was in that won't get cut - when my back is in the shot. Figures.

All of the other scenes I was in, I was in the first or second row in the stadium crowd, but those shots were all much bigger/wider/longer so even if they're not cut, I won't be seen. But whatever...I got paid anyway.


Anonymous said...

I kinda wish I went down now. How much did you make and how long did you have to be down there for?


struff said...

I was there 5:30a-7p. I'm in the union so we can't go by how much I got paid (it's way different).

There are breakfast and lunch and coffee breaks included (all free food and drinks).

Most people got wardrobe (i.e. team shirts and caps) to use for the day. Many people got to use props such as big foam fingers and cameras.

Some people get to play coaches and football players (on the sidelines), State Troopers (with all the props except for guns), and other random roles. But most people are just fans in the stadium.

Anonymous said...

Damn I wish I had seen this earlier and I would ahve done it


struff said...

It was awfully wierd to be walking around the virtually empty stadium all day and sitting in the first row of the 50 yard line. But I don't think I can ever to go a Pats game in the cheap seats again after that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
You missed a good day on The Game Plan wedsneday! Weather wasnt too bad, they made sure there was food and drink was passed around in the stands in between meals. we worked until 8 oclock (5 1/2 hours OT) under the lights!
They filmed the big final shot after the touch down pass. Everyone one ran on the field, they shot off confetti guns, the Rock held up the little girl, the coach had the trophy, all the photographers and reporters gathered around the Rock. We shot it about 5 times with cameras all around. By the end of the night there was an inch of confetti on the field, when the wind rushed into the park the confetti tornadoed all the way to the top of the stadium, it was awesome! All the leads were in the shot including Kyra Segwick and I got to stand with my camera right next to them for quite a long time. Even Fanny the Hippo was in the scene. It was wild and fun.
Are you going to Nov. 1 shoot for tiling?


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Wednesdays shoot was OK. The sun was nice. They moved us around a bit for the tiling with green screen behind us.

Then they did close ups of fans. They said they were trying to get all of us in at least one shot, in small groups. A lot of signs etc.

We saw some footage from last week up on the Jumbo tron. Joe's injury on field and re emergence onto the field, the coach, and a few plays with fan reaction.They would freeze the last frame for a long period. It was a shot of the end zone towards the tunnel, I was there looking thru my camera. If they keep the shot I'm in!

They also shot skybox scene at the same time. My friend Bill ( who looks like Hemingway) got upgrade to that scene, I didn't even see him at lunch, I got a feeling they had lunch in the skybox!

We got out at 5pm . That's it for me, my last day on Game Plan.