Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm not a doctor, but I played one in a movie

I'm not a doctor, but I played one in a movie.

I was originally supposed to be a patient but wardrobe didn't have any hospital gowns (for a scene at a hospital!?!?!?) so they gave me blue scrubs and white clogs. Props gave me a hospital ID badge of a Cardiologist to complete the outfit. Instant doctor.

I did a quick scene with TV's Sarah Connor. I was so excited because I really liked that show and I really really like her. But there were a few of us walking back and forth so I don't think I was in a good position to be in the frame with her. And all I could think about during the scene was how could I get alone with her and tell her how much I like her.

But I did have a really good scene with the male lead, Josh Lucas. It was just the two of us alone in a small hallway. Three takes. I liked the last one and they said it was perfect. I hope it gets used.

Also on this shoot was "Omar" from The Wire, but I had nothing to do with him.

When I got there in the morning I found out that they planned for me to use my car in one scene. I rode with a Production Assistant to a parking garage where the scene was taking place. I had to take a ticket from the machine to get into the garage just as any regular customer would. The PA didn't know how the parking would be paid for but he said not to worry. A few hours later I was told by someone else that I should use my acting skills on the parking attendant and drop some names and say that I am working in the movie. I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. I said ''so in other words, you want me to scam my way out of paying?''. He said that I shouldn't think of it like that and I should think of it like acting. Um, ok. Either way it seemed really sketchy to me. But as it turned out we ran very late that night and the parking garage technically closed for the night so the gate was in the upright position for me to get out.

I also just did a movie at the Burlington Mall starring Kevin James. There were about 300 people playing shoppers that day. I didn't do anything noteworthy or remarkable.

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