Saturday, October 13, 2007

I witnessed a crash, went to a radio show, and hit Hooters 74

This one is about two months overdue. So much happened and it was a really great trip down to NY with my friends Rascal, James, Leadbelly, and PMS. On the way down we saw a roll-over accident on I-95 in CT. We didn't actually see it flip but I saw it as it was settling into the woods in a ditch on the left. Lots of dust and dirt blew all around. I had seen things like that before so I knew what was going on right away and started to think about pulling over. Some of my friends had been smoking so they were paranoid and didn't really want me to stop, however as we got closer and I saw how badly crushed the car was, not pulling over was simply not an option in my mind.

Rascal called 911. I pulled over a few hundred feet past the car in case it caught fire as well as to keep far enough away from police and emergency vehicles who would be coming to the scene. And I opened the windows and sunroof so my car could air out and hopefully ease the paranoia.

As Rascal and I walked to the car and we could see the amount of damage, I stopped for a second - I was afraid that we could see someone dead or decapitated stuck inside, and that was not a vision that I wanted to have for the weekend. But I think we smelled a faint odor of gas, so we would have had to check inside just in case someone one was in there. Luckily no one was. Leadbelly went out to the back of the car where the young female driver was crawling out of the wreckage. She was disoriented and clearly scared and in pain but she assured us that she was the only person in the car. By this point some other cars had pulled over as well and some of these people were just with this girl at work so they confirmed that she was alone.

Leadbelly deserves a gold star. He stayed with her, comforting her, holding her hand, and telling her not to worry. He touched her legs and her arms so she could know that she wasn't paralyzed or anything like that. We waited until all the emergency vehicles got on scene and then we took off for the rest of the trip.

I don't remember what time we made it to Shadow's house in Queens but it was sometime in the wee hours of the morning. White Castle was closed. So we hung out at his house and drank some Jagermeister and played Guitar Hero for a few hours. I talked with his dad who told me about meeting JFK once. I eventually went to sleep around 4:30 and was woken up around 7:30 to start the day.

We hit the road and met some people along the way enroute to the second annual FBA softball game in Hartsdale, NY. It was a very fun ride up whatever parkway - a food-fight erupted between people in my car and people in Shadow's car. It started quickly and I was driving so I wasn't seeing everything unfold but I think it started because PMS had the munchies. He was in Shadow's car but all the snacks and stuff were in my car. So Leadbelly threw a couple packs of Goldfish out of the window of my car and into Shadow's car. Great aim. One thing led to another and more food and bottles of water were thrown back and forth between the two moving cars driving alongside each other. There was so much stuff thrown around and it went on for several minutes. I am surprised that the people behind us didn't call the cops (or maybe they did?) because to outsiders I am sure that it looked like we were at war with each other.

I paid little attention to the actual softball games. I was there to socialize and see a bunch of friends whom had traveled from all over the country. The high-point for me was meeting Sam from the Than & Sam Show and the Opie & Anthony Show. I had invited him to come to the game and was very pleasantly surprised to see him show up. I think we talked for a few hours. I was loving it. This is a pic of me and Rascal and Sam and me:

After the game most people went to an area hotel and went out for dinner and drinks. But I went down to Manhattan with Ace to visit the Than & Sam radio show. Coming from a background in broadcasting and being a huge fan of theirs, this was by far one of the best parts of my entire summer this year. It was soooooo much fun for me! This is a video that Ace took of me on the show:

Afterwards we drove around the city a little and drove by the Statue of Liberty and then headed out to Wayne, NJ so I could go to my 74th different Hooters:

After that it was time to pick up the others guys and head home. An awesome weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I called 911 but then when they asked where I was I had no idea, haha. Thankfully, a whole bunch of other people called too.