Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another movie and another play

Not much detail here but several weeks ago I did a few scenes in the movie Bachelor No. 2 starring Dane Cook and Kate Hudson. In once scene I was walking by them in a park while they were jogging and in another I was walking down the street while Dane was talking with Jason Biggs.

This week I did a couple of plays. I had the lead role in an episode of The Saint and a co-lead role in an episode of Our Miss Brooks.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Wasn't the show yesterday wonderful? I'm
always nervous about audience reaction beforehand,
but I shouldn't worry. The shows are always
terrific, and the audience goes away with a very
positive feeling.

I don't know which role you played was better --
both were so enjoyable. You delivered your lines
so well - really got into each part. Walter Denton
is a fun character, and the Saint was dryly humorous
(I'll have to listen to other Saint episodes; "The Aging
Actor" was well-written, very literate, and very witty.)

Well, we did good. Hurrah for us!