Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hooters #73

In Manchester, CT I went to my 73rd Hooters location yesterday.

It was a spur of the moment idea while I was driving home from my cousin's graduation and commissioning at West Point.

My buddy Schnit lives in the area and came by to take this pic.

Now, keep in mind that I am not saying that that I've been to this Hooters location 73 no no...I have been to 73 different Hooters locations at least one time each.

Here is a little background on some of my previous Hooters visits:

  • 5 were in the Denver area in 2000
  • 11 were in South Florida in 2001
  • 7 were around the Houston area in a three-day trip in 2002
  • My 45th was the Grand Opening of the Sugarland, TX location where I was first person served a beer on Opening Day
  • I was at the Grand Opening of the Cape Cod Hooters in 2003
  • 9 locations were during a four-day trip to southern California in 2003

While at Hooters in Daytona with my friend Chris in 1999, I saw a t-shirt: "Hooters World Tour". On the back it had a list of cities, just like a concert t-shirt would have. While looking at that list, I realized that I had been to a bunch of those locations already so I decided that I would embark on a world tour of my own.

In 2003 Hooters ran a contest where anyone who visited 20 different Hooters in one year would win a party for 20 people with 200 wings. They gave out little "passport" books that we had to have stamped at each of the different locations we went to.

Why have I done all this? Well, the last line of the menu at Hooters pretty much sums it all up: "Hooters makes you happy". :)

You can check out some other Hooters pics here.

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