Saturday, March 20, 2004

Bahamas, 2004

Lots of celebs on this quickie trip. James Caan has a son who is also an actor (who knew...?!?). He was staying at our hotel, in town filming a movie ( We saw Don Henley at the Atlantis casino. I missed it but Britney Spears was there the night before I got there as was country music guy Toby Keith. The owners of many of the Dallas sports teams were there, too (one of my buddies works for one of them and that's the reason I went on this trip).

The first day I got there, I was walking thru Senor Frog's (a bar like the Carlos N' Charlie's found in Mexico) and heard them playing pieces of some songs, followed by people shouting out the titles. After about a minute of this and hearing these Springsteen and Billy Idol riffs, I realized they were playing a "Name That Tune" game. Kewl! These people had NO idea what they were getting when I walked into the room!! Me + Classic Rock + Name That Tune? Forgettaboutit! Might as well send everyone else home. :)

Within the next 30 seconds, I quickly advanced to third place, jumped ahead to tie for first, and then held onto first for a long time. I would have won the entire contest if I didn't space out at the beginning of the last song. Unfortunately, the reason I spaced out was from consuming a little too much alcohol a little too quickly. Did I mention that the 'prize' for each correct answer was a bottle of something green poured into your mouth until it overflows? And upon correctly answering the bonus questions like "according to the song, The Heart Of Rock And Roll is located in which city?" and "how do you spell the 'Crue' in Motley Crue?", this 'prize' was doubled. Actually in the case of the last question, it was a triple shot 'prize' because the MC liked that I included the umlauts over the U. :)

I didn't go back to that place until two days later. This time was for lunch. They weren't playing any games but the MC was working the crowd to get people dancing and singing and stuff. Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" came on and the MC was walking around the room sticking the mic in front of people to have them sing "whoa, we're half-way there" from the chorus of the song. The MC walked past my table and said "hey, I remember know all these songs, don't you", and then had me sing a full verse and chorus of the song. It wasn't a Karaoke thing -- there was no screen to read lyrics from -- so I got about a half bottle of that green stuff poured down my throat for this. :) I guess I must have done something right because this MC had to have seen at least several hundred people in the two days since he'd last seen me, but he remembered me right away. Like I said, they had no idea what they were getting when I walked into the joint... :)

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