Monday, February 01, 1999


In January, 1999 I went to visit my buddy Rob-the-pilot in Dallas.

He showed me the jet he pilots...WAY cool and very impressive! I'm not talking about some small puddle-jumper type of thing -- this is the real deal!

We went to the spot where JFK was shot. The area looks the same as we've seen it in all the old news footage with the infamous book depository building and grassy knoll in the background. They have a red X on the ground where it happened and he took a pic of me standing on that X, but it's a little too eerie for me to look at now because I was standing RIGHT ON the spot where it happened with all the background scenery intact.

We also took a drive out to the Southfork Ranch which is where J.R. and the Ewing family lived in the TV show Dallas.

Here are some pics of the jet and stuff...

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