Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Asked to Leave the Hospital Emergency Department

I got kicked out by the triage nurse at Lahey Hospital.

"Sir, I am talking to her, not to you".

I said a sick 80 year old may be a little confused about things.

"She can talk for herself".

Um, no she can't.

She didn't know dates she was in the other hospital or her meds.

But I'm not allowed to answer.

Or give them her meds list.

"Sir you need to leave now".

A perfectly healthy person could be overwhelmed in a hospital, let alone one who was in another hospital for 9 days and is screaming in pain.

I later asked the front desk person for the triage nurse's supervisor but was refused.

Security guard came.

Front desk woman then said "unless you have legal guardian paperwork you can't be here".

I have legal Power of Attorney paperwork that specifies medical situations (legally I can place her into any hospital or facility) among many other things.

"That is not accepted here".

Even though it was drawn up by a lawyer years ago and it's been used to buy & sell property, file income taxes, and much more.

But this place has decided that they won't honor this legal document.

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