Friday, June 06, 2008

I finally cut and donated my hair

I had been growing it for three years to donate it to Locks of Love.

These were taken less than ten mins before getting it cut. I had them cut off 11 inches. I still have about two inches left so I have a head start for next time.


dmcp517 said...

Hey- Are you still alive? Call, write, send an email, send flowers, drive north 34 minutes,
send smoke signals, telegraph, send a friend, buy your friend a lunch ... hey email sometime!

Gengivitis© said...

Way to go on donating your hairs. My dad did that several years ago. I always have a lot of respect for guys that donate their hair because I always imagine that it would be harder for them to part with it then women.
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Mayday's lost world said...

Geez still as ugly as ever ... hows things ..

struff said...

hey kev, how's it going?

Mayday's lost world said...

Um it's goin .. Lots goin ..

Hit you on myspace as well with Diane account. What's new