Monday, August 15, 2005

Deep-fried Oreos

Had some at Old Orchard Beach yesterday...who woulda thunk that there would be such a thing. For some reason they seem especially good when chased by a Dr. Pepper.

I've always liked O.O.B. because there is much to do, especially if you enjoy drinking. ;-)
The epicenter is around the pier and everything else sort of spreads out from there.


struff said...

Went back to O.O.B. this past weekend and was very saddened to see that they are going condo-crazy up there. There is/was a cool outdoor bar/restaurant that was closing forever -- the bulldozers were in the parking lot waiting to tear it down to make way for new condos. Terrible. There is plenty of room for condos down the street so why take away a restaurant and some amusements?!?!?!? I bet those condo-owners will be the type who whine and bitch about the noise from the other amusements and then everything will go away and it will become as lame as Salisbury Beach (Massachusetts) has become.

Natural resources like an ocean beach should be available for EVERYONE to enjoy and should not become just a pretty view for the elite.

Anonymous said...