Thursday, April 14, 2005

New York Times

Several weeks ago I responded to something I saw somewhere and wound up getting in touch with a reporter from the New York Times. We exchanged a bunch of emails and a few phone calls and they even sent a photographer to take pics of me (the photographer has done portraits of celebrities and politicians and has had many magazine covers).

Yesterday the reporter said that they liked my pic but then I got this from her this morning:

Hi, the story about people making fake cell phone calls is in the paper today, you can find it here:

I'm so sorry that it looks like your quote was cut at the last minute. I really don't know why that happened, last version I saw it was still in there. But thanks so much for participating, and I hope you still like the story...



Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Is the story really woth $2.95 to read?

struff said...

Well, if they included me like they were supposed to, then yes, it would be worth ANY price. But since they left me out, screw them!

Actually, it shouldn't cost anything -- I just checked that link and I got it for free.